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I understand I have freely offered my services as a volunteer at Crestline Elementary School. I agree to abide by all relevant Board policies and administrative guidelines, provided in the Volunteer Handbook, while on duty for Crestline (including, but not limited to, the volunteer’s obligation to keep confidential and not release or permit access to any and all student personally identifiable information to which s/he is exposed except as authorized by law - see below).

I understand that, I am not covered by its health insurance policy nor am I eligible for worker’s compensation. Should I become ill or suffer an accident while doing volunteer work for Hartselle City Schools, I agree that I shall be responsible for any and all hospital and medical charges that may accrue.

I understand further that, as a volunteer, I am not in any manner considered an employee of Hartselle City Schools or entitled to any benefits provided to employees.

All volunteers need to display appropriate behavior at all times. I understand that I have a duty to maintain confidentiality of student records and information. Hartselle City Schools is committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of all student records and/or student personally identifiable information. As an approved volunteer at Crestline, you may have access to student records and/or student personally identifiable information that must be maintained as confidential and not released and/or permitted access to except as authorized by Board policy or law. Violations of this duty may result in a reassignment and/or restriction of your volunteer responsibilities by the building principal or designee. 

Volunteers must comply with the following:

• All guidelines listed in the Crestline Volunteer Handbook.
• All student records are considered confidential.
• Directory information including the student’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, dates of attendance, etc., can only be shared with administrative approval.
• Records may not be left in place where they can be viewed by others.
• Copies of records may only be shared with administrative approval.
• Volunteers may not discuss or repeat information overheard while in the school office, classrooms, school grounds, hallways, or extra-curricular activities.
• Volunteers may not discuss information obtained while in a classroom, such as a student’s grades or behavior, with anyone other than the student’s teacher or the building principal.
• Concerns or questions regarding student records or issues of confidentiality should be brought to the attention of the staff member responsible for supervising your activities and/or the building principal.
• Any knowledge of a violation of these provisions must be immediately reported to the staff member responsible for supervising your activities and/or the building principal.


By submitting this application you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Crestline Volunteer Handbook and agree to comply with the terms and conditions set forth above.

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deferred prosecution or pre-trial intervention agreement, or had adjudication with held in a criminal offense other than a minor
traffic violation (DUI is not a minor traffic violation). Are there any current criminal charges now pending against you?
Have you ever been arrested for and/or convicted for DUI / DWI (driving under the influence and/or driving while intoxicated)?
Have you ever been arrested for and/or convicted for any sexually related crime?
Are you currently registered on any sex offender registry, or been required to register as a sex offender?
Have you ever been arrested for and/or convicted for using and/or selling illegal drugs (including marijuana) 
Do you currently have any court orders and/or injunctions against you involving children

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Dear Volunteer:

On behalf of the students and teachers, I want to thank you for your interest in and involvement at Crestline Elementary School.  We are thankful that you have chosen to volunteer your services to our students.  With the support of volunteers such as yourself, the opportunity to meet the individual needs of each child is greatly increased.

All over the country schools are drawing upon the support of their communities to help with the education of today’s youth.  Caring members of our community bring new energies and resources to our schools by becoming mentors, working with students, contributing goods and supplies, and even providing needed financial support.  Community volunteers in our schools enrich the educational program and strengthen our schools’ relationships with homes, businesses, public agencies, and private institutions.

How Do You Get Started?

If you want to volunteer at Crestline you must attend a one-time volunteer training in which we will review the guidelines and procedures for volunteering at Crestline and complete this online application.  The Volunteer Handbook is available on the Crestline website (click here).  Each year returning volunteers must read through any volunteer update bulletins and renew their online volunteer application (Volunteer Update Bulletins).

If you do not have a child enrolled at the school, but wish to volunteer, please complete the online volunteer application and attend a volunteer training.  Volunteer Trainings Schedule.

It is important for our students to observe good role models who are willing to provide a valuable service to everyone in the building and also making a positive statement to our children about the importance of education.  The handbook and training are designed to provide you with practical information that will assist you in your volunteer placement.  It is our goal that the time you spend with our students is worthwhile for you as well as the students.  If you have any questions that have not been addressed in this handbook, please feel free to call or email me at the contact information listed below.

Once again, thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of the students at Crestline Elementary School. 

Karissa Lang


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Thank you for offering your time, talents and skills to enhance the education of our students.